My Fertility Journey

January 2011 – pregnant naturally. Not trying

April 28th 2011 – early 20 week checkup reveals no heartbeat

May 2nd 2011 – Induced and deliver my son, Blake after 18 hours of labor. Labs on both me and my baby reveal nothing.

June 2011-May 2012 Take a TTC break for 1 year. Go on birth control to focus on healing the big gaping hole in my heart.

May 2012 – Begin trying

July 2012 – we are pregnant (naturally)

September 2012 – Blighted ovum at 9 weeks have a D&C.

October 2012 – Break

November 2012- Bloodwork. Reveals I have a TSH level of 3.0. Dr says it’s normal but wants it at a 2.0. Puts me on Synthroid. We start interviewing fertility doctors. Find a fabulous doctor that we love in Santa Monica. Find out husband has abnormal morphology. Dr. recommends IUI.

November 2012- March 2013 – Husband goes on gluten free diet to try and get his numbers up. See minor improvement. Try naturally (no luck)

March 2013 – Begin IUI process 150 iu Follistim for 10 days (5 matured follicles at trigger)

April 2013 – We are pregnant! (Ectopic) get methotrexate shots

May-August 2013 – Take time off to move to Florida and find new RE:

August 2013 – Start BCP to prep for IVF #1

September 2013 – IVF #1 – 225 iu Follistim 10 iu Lupron twice daily. Upped Follistim to 300 iu on CD 4 after my ovaries were unresponsive. Canceled CD 10 due to poor response. Only three follicles maturing. Dr says I have low AMH .60 maybe I should move on to donor eggs.

October 2013 – Fired my Florida RE: Going back to my LA RE

November 2013 December 2013 – Begin weekly acupuncture, 600 mg CoQ10 daily, Chinese herbs, yoga, wheat grass…

January 2014 – IVF # 2 (Menopur / Follistim/Ganirelix Protocol) Back with my RE in Los Angeles

Baseline antral follicle count: 11

Stim Days 1-3 –  225 iu Follistim+ 75 iu Menopur. No BCP 7 maturing follicles E2 197

Stim Days 4-7 150 Follistim 150 +Menopur + Ganirelix  9 maturing follices E2 492

Stim Day 8-10 150 Follistim + 150 Menopur + Ganirelix + 50 iu Omnitrope 8 maturing follicles Day 8 E2: 947 Day 10: 1272

Day 11: Egg retrieval 9 eggs retrieved, 8 mature, 7 are doing their thing on day 2.

3 day transfer:  two perfect 8 cell grade A embryos.

9dp3dt: BFN on HPT

11dpt3dt: BFN on HPT

Valentine’s Day 2014: BETA: BFN

February 2014: Began our home study paperwork for adoption

April 2014: Completed our home study paperwork for adoption and have been assigned a case worker

June 2014: Home study approved

June 2014: Cautiously and optimistically expecting an adopted baby girl in Fall 2014

July 2014: Surprise! Natural BFP! Could it be that we actually have not one but two babes on the way?

August 2014: Sweet P was born 8/26 and welcomed in to our family via a semi-open adoption

September 2014: Babe #2: It’s a Boy

December 2014: Third trimester!!!


Health issues:

ME: DOR  – AMH.60 FSH 11 and Hashimotos which I take Synthroid for daily.

My lifestyle: 5’8 135lbs, gym rat who loves triathlons and half marathons and bikram yoga. Always a healthy eater. Big in to juicing, almost gluten-free diet. Never smoked Have cut out caffeine, alcohol

DH: Poor sperm morphology


One thought on “My Fertility Journey

  1. Hi, I just stumbled across your blog when I did a google search for “dor” and “follistim” and after having looked at your journey, I wondered if you’ve ever been checked for immunological issues? The miscarriages and thyroid condition sounds like their could be some immune issues. A lot of people in the IF world use a reproductive immunologist named dr kwak Kim outside of Chicago. My insurance doesn’t cover her and I can’t afford her so I haven’t gone but getting your immune system checked might want to be something you look into. All the best to you on your journey to parenthood.

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